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NCS Inside offers a licence enabling precise colour communication with NCS Notations. Having a licence ensures accurate colour matching across materials, gives the ability to communicate exact colours of products and is a way to communicate colours with professionals globally. This enhances product quality, empowers customers' informed choices, streamlines communication, and provides a competitive edge through consistent and efficient colour management.

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成为客户的相关部分的或partner's colour journey. Offer your customers quality and flexibility to match their colours on different types of material and surfaces. Use NCS to connect with thousands of professionals world-wide using NCS to promote your offer.

NCS Inside licence

What is the purpose of NCS Inside?

By getting the NCS Inside licence you have the competitive advantage of working with a colour language that your customers and partners uses to define colour and the knowledge supporting them in their colour decisions. By using NCS you will be able to communicate colour with your whole production line and your end customer but having a clear definition of what your colours are. NCS is used by Architects, designers, paint shops and manufactures to ensure the colour quality and clear definitions of hue and nuance of each colour.


As an NCS Licensee you are able to:

“By working with the NCS System, we are able to work seamlessly with designers and architects through a shared language. NCS gives a precise language to communicate colour since it is built on how we perceive colours. Because of this simplicity, NCS helps bridge the gap between our products and designers who strive to create indoor wellbeing.”

– Frank Winters, Head of Product Management, Rockfon

With a license you may...

  • Use NCS commercially
  • Get full access to the NCS System’s Intellectual property, trademarks and professional solutions
  • Communicate and/or refer to the NCS System towards a customer
  • Use NCS to describe a colour
  • Use NCS in marketing material and product packaging
  • Produce or use a subcontractor producing colours in NCS

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